Date night, finally


We finally had a legitimate date night. Dinner, movies, the whole nine. It was amazing. We even stayed up until 3am just talking about everything under the sky. It was beautiful. One piece of advice I get from our elders is to never stop dating your spouse. For couples going through tough times. Take some time to be alone together. Get away from that negative environment. Step away from that drama, problem, situation for a while. Get back to dating one another. It will help you reconnect and get back to where you two need to be as a couple to conquer the world. Love is beautiful with the right person.

Before you think of cheating

Think about the happy times, if there were any. Put yourself in my shoes and imagine how you would feel if the person you loved so much cheated on you. Try to remember that you once would do anything to protect me from anything, including a broken heart. Dig deep in your heart for the smallest ounce of love and respect you once had for me. I know she may look and sound appealing compared to the mess that is me. I know she is much prettier and funnier than the drab and dry humor that is mine. I know compared of the bs that was my life, hers may appear to be a breath of fresh air but think before you cheat. We all have choices and I plead to you to make a good one. Come talk to me. Don’t keep anything from me. Share with me your resentment towards me. I swear I will do better. 
I beg of you, before you cheat on me, think of me…