Live with Intention


When you are not being intentional with your decisions, you don’t think about the consequences some of your actions can have. Unfortunately, some of the consequences can set you back, making it harder to move on. I haven’t been living an intentional life. I didn’t set goals for myself. I was living with no idea of what kind of future I wanted for myself. Reflecting back now, that’s so scary. Imagine where I’d be right now if I set goals for myself. If I was being intentional. I was sitting in the backseat, allowing life to make decisions for me. I had no direction for my life. NO DIRECTION. Growing up I was more interested in people’s goals instead of my own. I didn’t have enough self-love to set goals for myself. It has taken me all of these years to understand it’s important to be intentional with my decisions. I needed to be intentional with my actions. I needed to be intentional with my words. I needed to be intentional with my thoughts.

This evening, I encourage you to be intentional with your decisions. Picture what your future will look like. You should have dreams, have goals, be ambitious! Don’t just be a feather floating in the winds of your life. Imagine yourself as the pilot of your life, have a destination, allow yourself to ride with the wind, but ultimately your goal is to reach that destination. In order to reach that destination, you need to be intentional with every button you press, every turn you take, and every choice you make to keep that plane afloat.

“I’m going to begin to take more doses of the word of God and it’s changing me. I am getting better. I am getting stronger. I am getting fulfilled.”