Surprise – Give More

Being a giver makes me happy. I love to do for others. Over the weekend i had a surprise birthday party for someone in my life. A relative of mine commented early last week, “Wow he’s getting three birthday dinners and he didn’t even plan anything for your birthday?” I just played it off. I mean, some people just are not great at planning things, I understand. 

Just a short few hours later after hearing that comment, I started to feel resentful. As I was putting together his birthday dinner with his family’s side, I found myself getting very annoyed. I thought to myself, “well I really don’t understand why I am going all out for this. Planning three separate birthday celebrations when I couldn’t even get him to plan one for my 25th earlier this year.” 

Sunday dinner came and went and the following day was his birthday. I planned a small dinner at a restaurant with him and his friends too. Even at the dinner I found myself highly annoyed by every little thing. At the end of the night, after a full tummy, I found myself happier.

The next few days would be busy busy busy. I had to make sure the decorations were done, my shopping complete, and every thing prepped for the party. As I was getting everything ready I was getting excited. I was happy to be able to put something together for someone. Especially since it will bring a smile to someone’s face. 

Saturday finally arrived and I was running around doing last minute shopping. I decorated and made sure everything was how I envisioned it. Needless to say, he was surprised. I was happy to see the look on his face. 

The image above with the quotes spoke to me. Giving is a part of who I am. There may be times when I might want something and I don’t get it but I never dwell in that mindset for too long. I love to put a smile on someone’s face. I love to be able to surprise them with something good that they never had before. I know how great it feels to be thought of and I want to give that same feeling back. At the end of the day, my love one was happy and definitely surprised. That makes me happy. 

Emilia and friend’s first birthday 

Emilia attended her friend’s first birthday party yesterday. It’s still surreal to me that I am a mommy to a baby girl who is going to turn one in a few months. A mommy to a baby girl who is already attending her friend’s birthday party. Times seems to have flown by yet I was still able to embrace and enjoy every single moment.
I’m already starting to plan her first birthday party. HER FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!
All glory is given to God for such a beautiful life. So thankful to be able to find light even in my darkest moments. 


I was chosen to be your mommy. Forever I will be your mommy. I will go to the ends of the earth to defend my right to be your mommy. I will protect you to the best of my abilities because I am your mommy. When you have your first booboo I will be there to kiss it and make it better, because I am your mommy. As your mommy I will love you through the good, the bad, and the ugly. As your mommy I will pray for you every morning and night. As your mommy I will look to the Lord to guide you through this world. I will try my best to protect you from the Devils in this world because I am your mommy. I will be your shield in times of hardship because I am your mommy. As your mommy I will practice unconditional love. As your mommy I will teach you how to be a strong woman, an intelligent and witty woman, and a woman of God.
And just like how I’ll always be your mommy, you will always be my babygirl. 

To Him I pray

I have imagined my life very different. I always had a plan for how I would live my life – when things would happen, who would be in my life. These past few years really took me by surprise. God had other plans for me. God wanted me to learn and grow. God needed me to see that I was not living the life he intended for me. Although this path God is putting on is tough, some days unbearable, I know he has not left me alone. He gave me people to help me through it all. He gave me people who love me. He gave me people to teach me. I just pray for strength to fight these battles and trials that you are putting me through so that I will become the woman you have always meant for me to be.
Please forgive me for my sins and guide me to live a life that honors you.