With all the end of the year commotion, projects due and finals to be done, you have to sit down and remember what this Thanksgiving holi


Today I am choosing to give thanks. I am thankful for waking up this morning. I am thankful to be able to drive. I am thankful for my mom. I am thankful for my fiancé. I am thankful for my daughter. I am thankful to God for having me here and witness her smile. I am thankful for God’s mercy on my life. I am thankful God didn’t give me what I deserved.

To take a moment and give thanks for all the good in my life is self care. Personally, it’s easy for me to become overwhelmed with the problems in my life. I get anxious. I become stressed and ungrateful. When I get a sense that I’m losing control of what happens in my life, it’s like losing the ground beneath my feet. I start to feel like I’m sinking. Being overly stressed everyday is not healthy. Health starts in the mind. Whenever I find myself in a stressful state, I begin to give thanks. My main objective is to  silence my mind. I like to focus on the good in my life. I want to focus on what makes my life great. I shift my focus on the simple things.

So today I am choosing to #selfcare by being grateful and taking time to give thanks to God for all of the good in my life. I’d love to hear how you’re choosing to enjoy your #selfcaresunday. Share in the comments!

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