Cyntoia Brown

Have you ever been so overcome with emotion you just didn’t know what to do? This time my feelings were that of anger.

Recently the story or Cyntoia Brown has been surfacing on social media. At first I just read the small paragraphs written on Instagram. Then I started to Google her story to learn more. What I found I just couldn’t hold in my disgust.

Cyntoia Brown was convicted of murder for shooting and killing a man who intentionally picked her up for a Sonic to have sex for money. Things took a wrong turn and afraid that the man was reaching for a gun or something to hurt her she had no choice but to defend herself (or so that’s my opinion) and shoot him resulting in his death. She was being sex-trafficked, she was 16 years old at the time in 2004 and was sentenced to a ridiculous amount of time in jail and wouldn’t be eligible for parole until the age of 69!

I found her documentary on YouTube and found myself so amazed by Miss Brown. I couldn’t believe her poise and sophistication even during her sentencing and the injustice. She’s 29 now. She cut off her hair because she said she didn’t want to be pretty anymore. She said being pretty was what got her into trouble and it attracted terrible men. I found her strength and courage so admirable.

I can’t imagine my daughter being in her position. As a mother not being able to protect and save your child from such terrible pain and injustice. How is it that Miss Brown was already used and abused for so long and have the courage to finally defend herself from a man who had no good intentions from the start, be locked up and punished?

Sex trafficking is real. It still continues today and it makes me so afraid for those women who finally get the courage to fight back and seek help. What if they end up lol Cyntoia? Is it because he was a white man? Was it because he was a man? Apparently the prosecutor’s argument was that man was now dead and didn’t get a chance to share his side. What side does he have?! You knew this 16 year old girl was prostituting. You knew what your intentions were.

I’m sure her story has reached millions more. So what about the girls who are currently stuck as sex slaves? When they see this story, what makes you think they will have courage to fight back? If they don’t get killed by the horrible people enslaving them then they’ll be punished by the law.

I know I can’t do much or if anything all to help Cyntoia. But I pray for her and her family. I admire her strength and ability to keep her sanity in prison.

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